Hey... s8+ updates.....


Hi Optus 


remember the s8+? Was Samsung's flagship phone for a while and still considered to be quite good


Seem to be a bit slow with the updates tho. Why do optus hold them back so much? 


Re: Hey... s8+ updates.....


Re: Hey... s8+ updates.....


Aw come off it. Lol. I'm hitting update, daily but still nothing more since October security update. It's the slowest updating phone ever. 


Not keeping the s8 software up to date, and s9 out soon.....? Hmm.  

Re: Hey... s8+ updates.....

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Had a simular issue a while back with one of my Galaxy phones and I ended up swapping sims to another provider just to get the update. Unfortunately every time I do an upgrade something always stuffs up so I end up regretting it every time.


Im still waiting for an update for my iPhone 4. Lmao

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