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Groove Music on Android problems on Optus Network

So this is a peculiar problem (which Initially I thought was Microsoft related, which you can read in detail here if you like:


But it actually appears to be Isolated to Optus 4G only.


What happens is when I am streaming Music on Groove (for android) it will without fail do the following:


1) Stream one entire song

2) Start streaming the second song

3) Stop playing after 30 seconds; and then

4) The app becomes completely unresponsive


Now of course my first point of contact was Microsoft (view the above thread) and after no luck I finally decided to try a Vodafone worked fine.


This problem with streaming music on the Android Groove app is isolated to the Optus network...But I cant get any help (tried to talk to Optus and their response was basically "Your internet works, so there is no network fault"


There is obviously some kind of routing issue but they refused to pass my problem on to their Network Engineers...does anyone know what avenue I can take now?

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Re: Groove Music on Android problems on Optus Network

I have the same problem. Did you ever get a resolution?

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