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Peter,  how many people would be happy to buy a new computer, only to be told after sale, that it will no longer receive any software or security updates?

Pretty much nobody.. it's no different with phones.

Re: Huawei P30 Pro google / android ban


Computers don't generally come with free updates and security. The $140 Windows software (for example) on the PC is offering those. I genuinely don't know how an issue likel this shakes out. Huawei or Optus might just offer swaps etc. Individuals might undertake 'not fit for purpose' actions under consumer rights. I do know that most agreements do exclude major things that are beyond the control of the party involved. Severe Weather Events, War, Government Decree, etc. This would seem to fall under that unbrella too.


We can only wait and see but I don't see Optus taking any actions for many months yet (if ever).


Peter Gillespie


Re: Huawei P30 Pro google / android ban


Peter Gillespie,


By the looks of your post, you're not an affected customer in this situation. As a result your posts aren't really adding any benefit as you're not a decision maker or an affected party.


Probably best to find a new thread buddy.

Re: Huawei P30 Pro google / android ban


Hey buddy Smiley Happy


That's the great thing about threads and posts. Anyone can contribute their 2c worth and readers can take on board or skip whichever posts they want. You seem to have assessed my posts as having not benfit to you which is fine but it seems a bit arrogant to speak on behalf of everyone else? Besides, I have my own stakes in this discussion which while by your personal criteria aren't worth consideration, still matter to me.


That said, there's not much more to say for the time being really. 


Peter Gillespie

Re: Huawei P30 Pro google / android ban



This is a public forum and as so anybody is entitled to their opinion.

I do not own any Huawei device but have my thoughts. I liked my windows phone, spent money purchasing an expensive Microsoft phone and then found it was abondoned without any come back. I do realise a slighty different scenario but in the end if the device works you do not have any comeback on the supplier, in your case Optus. Perhaps you should be trying to get some recompense from Huawei or Android.

On the brighter side you phone works and I wouldn't be surprised if the US authorised come to some arrangement with the Chinese authorities to allow future updates to existing Huawei devices. Could well be wrong but Optus is not going to make any decisions until it all plays out which could be weeks or months.



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Re: Huawei P30 Pro google / android ban


Computers like laptops come with the operating system pre-installed, that includes updates .

Re: Huawei P30 Pro google / android ban


It may be an open forum, but if you don't have a Huawei device , and are not affected, then you serve no purpose in posting on this thread.

My comment on windows machines still stands as a comparison.

You buy a windows machine expecting it would be supported by OS improvement updates, feature updates and more importantly, security updates.

There would be an uproar if Microsoft decided to ditch all updates. 

It's no different with phones. You buy them with the knowledge that regular os updates security updates will be supplied for at least two years of purchase. 

Those who have bought new devices have every right to be incensed by the halt to updates.

Those who are unaffected should bow out, unless they have some meaningful input or something positive to add to assist those who ARE affected.

My 2 cents

Re: Google decision on Huawei, what does this mean for Optus customers?


Huawei devices are being pulled from sale worldwide. Telstra has pulled them as well.

The biggest problem facing current users is not just security updates but access to playstore.

By google suspending business operations with Huawei , could prevent customers from having access to Google Play. That would be a disaster.

Re: Google decision on Huawei, what does this mean for Optus customers?


I have a few questions about this too:


Google just removed Beta Testing for Android Q for Mate 20 Pro - So looks like no future upgrades?

What are the implications of travelling to the USA with a Huawei Phone? Is there a possibility the phone be confiscted at border control?

Finally to OPTUS - Are you willing to terminate our contracts/swap phones due to the current circumstnces? Doesn't sound fair to be contracted to a phone that where services/upgrades will no longer be available.


Re: Google decision on Huawei, what does this mean for Optus customers?


"Finally to OPTUS - Are you willing to terminate our contracts/swap phones due to the current circumstnces?"

Thats farking hilarious.... would think youve got little hope of that.

For the record M20pro owner, been on contract 3 months... At worse i swap this out in 9 months. They better accept it as a tradeup!

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