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I’m interested in purchasing outright a Google Pixel 3a from JB Hifi to use as a postpaid customer with Optus (already a postpaid customer with Optus but just changing phone). This phone is not currently sold by Optus. We get poor/no coverage at our house and solely rely on Wifi Calling to call and text (currently have iPhones). It is therefore of upmost important to make sure this function is supported before I purchased the phone. Does anyone know for sure whether it is or isn’t supported on the Google Pixel 3a? I went in an Optus store and they didn’t know the answer. 


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If you look at this link of phones the pixel 3a isn't listed for wifi calling;



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Re: Google Pixel 3a - Wifi Calling?


@Davelew that link is very out of date - only goes up to iphone 7 and s8.


This one is more up to date:


The Pixel 3/xl supports wifi calling.

Pixel range uses stock standard firmware, not carrier specific so the requirement that the device is from Optus does not include the Pixel 3/xl as its been tested by Optus for WiFi calling.


No guarantees that the newer released 3 would work as tbey have not been tested or sold by Optus. 

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Re: Google Pixel 3a - Wifi Calling?


Should be fine. I'm even using S10 5G which is sold by Telstra and VoLTE/VoWIFI is working fine. 

Re: Google Pixel 3a - Wifi Calling?


Please let us know how you go if you do get the Pixel 3a and try the wifi calling!

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