Galaxy S8+ in store pre order

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This is to hopefully show others the issues optus are having with s8 and s8+ pre orders. I went into an Optus store to pre order my Galaxy S8+ on April 4 2017 so i wouldnt get stuck waiting for delivery and was told I would get a text/call when it was available to be picked up.


Now its release day and no communication, so I gave the store a call to check if I could pick up the phone today. This is where it gets bad, I was told that the phone was not in their initial delivery (which i thought alright they will get it later today), but then was told that they had no ETA for the delivery. Are you serious?


I put my order in almost 3 weeks ago, 5 days after pre orders begun and Optus are seriously saying they have no idea when I will receive my phone. I did the right thing by going into a store to ensure I could pick it up on release day as that is what in store pre orders ARE!


Surely others are in the same boat.


Optus you really need to get your act together, very poor service especially for a new customer.


Re: Galaxy S8+ in store pre order


Is there a reason a moderator has not responded? It is getting to the point where i will use the 30 day trial period and cancel if the company is not going to acknowledge the issue.

Re: Galaxy S8+ in store pre order


Hi @steady10, sorry you've had trouble with your Pre-order. Orders started delivering from 21/04 in large volumes in order of receipt.  They will certianly give you a call once the device has been delivered. 


Re: Galaxy S8+ in store pre order


Hang on, what is the point of pre ordering if you are not guaranteed a handset?


I have contacted a competitor who have s8+ in stock right now, if i cancelled my contract now i can get the phone today! Yet optus cannot tell me when i will be receiving it? 


Come on, that is very bad


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