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New Contributor Sledge21
New Contributor

Galaxy S7 Edge insurance

So im on the $85 plan and am paying the extra $15 insurance so im just wondering If the insirance will cover the damage to the back of the phone as it cracked slightly when i dropped it. Theres also a crack across the rear camera cover that goes diagonally  right across the camera lens. So to recap will optus insurance cover that or do i need to pay for it myself?

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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Re: Galaxy S7 Edge insurance

Optus has changed what it offers in terms of insurance so you'll need to look at your specific policy to be sure. That said, looking at what they currently offer, you're covered for accidental damage (which is what you've described IMO) with an excess of $100


Info came from this page where you'll also find links to older policies if you're isn't the latest -

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Moderator Marie

Re: Galaxy S7 Edge insurance

Hey @Sledge21 🙂 


@SamSam is correct, I'd recommend doing a back up of your phone and taking it into your local store to be sent away for assessment and repair.


Let us know how go to & if we can give you a hand with anything else.



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