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Galaxy S10 screen failure

My Samsung Galaxy S10 screen has suddenly stopped working. I have reset it several times by holding the power button and volume button for 7-10 seconds, however its still failing to work. It wont register any touch, and this occured out of nowhere. I have been in contact with Optus support, but all the solutions I was given are to lodge a claim and mail in my phone for repair. I do not require another phone, I simply need to retrieve data from it, however due to the fact that I cannot access anything, I am unable to clear my data and remove pin codes in order to send in my phone for repair

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Re: Galaxy S10 screen failure

Hey there @efindlay17, thanks for reaching out. It's not great to hear that you are having an issue with your Galaxy S10.

In regards to your case, I would recommend trying to get in touch with the manufacture directly to have the phone assessed, as Samsung has many retail sore fronts where they may be able to assist in having this issue resolved for you.

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Re: Galaxy S10 screen failure

A factory Reset might fix the problem (it will also remove all codes and data so that's good too)

Recovering the data might be a touch difficult. Everyone should regard their phone as a temporary storage spot. What is on it can be completely lost in an instant anytime. If you haven't made backups then that's a problem. A bunch of stuff (photos, emails, etc.) will presumably be synced on your cloud account.

You can try logging into the Samsung via tools provided by Samsung (that don't require the screen):
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