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i recently purchased a samsung s 8 in July, my google maps was working well then suddenly i had continuous issues with the GPS not giving me turn by turn directions and showing a greyed out "searching for GPS " , i have had my phone facory reset twice and back to Samsung for inspecion and all their tests passed. Samsung could not find any  fault and sugeested it could be a networking issue. i tried my google maps after collectiong my mobile and it worked for a day, second day the same issue has commenced again, I am wondering if this could be a network issue with optus and should I get a new sim. I rely on my Google Maps to get from A to B so this is most frustrating. 

Re: GPS issue

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Sounds like a phone problem.   GPS should work without a SIM card.   You do need data connectivity for google maps to show unles you have previously downloaded the maps.

I would download the google map for the area you require than try navigating with the SIM card removed from your phone and see if you have the same problem.   If you do then it will be your phone,


Edit.   Might be worth trying with a different navigation app to see if you have the same problem, perhaps Sygic as they are not connected to google.



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Re: GPS issue


thanks, i did try another gps app, same issue. So after much  searching  on Optus, Samsung and Android forums,  seems like it was a problem with the Android Auto App battery optimizing  settings. This issue only began after the last Samsung update. Seems to be working ok atm. 



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