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Occasional Contributor

Do I get an email account with my Optus prepaid service?

I have a prepaid plan. Am I entitled to an email account ? If so, how do get my credentials ?

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Email

I suggest find you plan on the Optus Website and have a look at Critical Information Summary for your  plan. 
I signed up last year for a prepaid broadband plan and an email account is not part of the plan.
If you need an email address just sign up with Gmail, Yahoo etc much easier and the benefit about these you can use them with any provider. 

I am an Optus user.
Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Email

No. Only post paid customers get an email account and then only those that have a broadband account. If you leave Optus you lose the email. As suggested just get a free GMail account that is 100% portable and heavily featured (spam, 2FA security, space, etc.)
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