Delivery date of my Samsung galaxy S10+

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Actually disappointed that I didn't get my new phone S10+ today was so excited thinking that when I ordered my new phone on the 27th that in a week and bit away I would have a new phone but no I have to wait 2 weeks after I have preordered before I get it. Thinking that living in Sydney would have it perks with getting things on release date but I guess not.


Please up your game optus people have gotten it early and I have wait until Tuesday to get mine.



Re: Samsung galaxy s10+


Bad luck. I'm in Perth, ordered on the 2nd and got my s10 just then.

Re: Samsung galaxy s10+


Thanks for rubbing it in man aha 

Re: Samsung galaxy s10+


not happy that people that pre order have wait for it available in shops right now i pre order mine it was send by startrack on friday morning and there no updates since friday 


last time when i pre order a note 8 i got to early

and a friend of mine pre order S10+ from telstra he got it on only 2 hours after release time here in australia 


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I'm in same boat right now  they even gave me a code that doesn't work on StarTrack. Fingers crossed for tomorrow I guess 

Re: Delivery date of my Samsung galaxy S10+


I pre-ordered on the 27th as well the White 512gb S10+ as when i went to order the black one showed delivery from 12th but the white said 8th so i ordered that..


I still havent received it nor have i seen a tracking number. order still said In Progress.



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