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Data - Daily Limit??


Hi I signed up to a $45 My Plan SIM only plan a few days ago. I get 30GB per month data allowance. My Grandaughter was playing You Tube in the car yesterday and we got a data alert message. Coz i was driving i couldnt check it properly at the time. However when i tap my new Oppo phone's square button to close down open apps it has a message at the bottom which at the moment says "1.10 GB Available / 3.00 GB". On the Optus app my Data use shows a miserly 471 MB of 30 GB with 25 days left. Whats going on?? Have I inadvertently signed up to a daily data limit of 3 GB which is not useful at all?? Cheers, Mike


Re: Data - Daily Limit??


Sounds very much like the built in data limit that you can set yourself on that device (menu - mobile networks - data limits or similar?)


None of the plans (beside prepaid)have daily limits as far as I am aware.

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Re: Data - Daily Limit??


Thank you PaddyLee. Yes my daily data reminder was set at 200 MB. Your timely and helpful response is much appreciated 

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