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bought a mobile  Model no 50561. Have been looking everywhere for a protective cover to fit tried Ebay they sent 2 the wrong size and have looked everywhere in Corowa and Wangaratta. Not an Optus shop yet have to go to Albury for that. Hopefully does anyone know if they do. The phone is approm 15 cm length x 7cm width. appeciate your thoughts .


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Is this the X Sleek aka

Alcatel Shine Lite  ?

Re: Cover for Optus phone

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It's an i, not a 1


There is a case for the 5056M, but they tend to come from China. One from Shenzhen might use the faster Hong Kong post

Re: Cover for Optus phone


Hi @Jobella, not all Optus stores sell handset covers.  Could you please try searching online for the cover and use " Optus X Smart 4G 5056i" .

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Re: Cover for Optus phone


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