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New Contributor Bootswello
New Contributor

Caller id

Hi all, I have an X vista and have set it up as per instructions, now I have set the ring tones to the contact as I have different tones for family and so on, it won't change ringtone at all when a known contact rings it keeps using that depressing default one and comes up unknown everytime, in short I can't change ringtone nor see who's calling arggg.
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Moderator Aron_YC

Re: Caller id

Hi @Bootswello

This is quite odd if the settings have been changed in your phone. It might be that that ringtones aren't being used as the number is coming up as unknown. If it's happening with every incoming call then I suspect Caller ID is not active on your service. Best to speak with our support team to double check this for you and activate Caller ID if it's off.

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