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New Contributor Jamesutb
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Activating number share on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, for use on a Samsung galaxy watch 4G

Hi guys, I've spent all morning on the phone/ customer chat to Optus regarding the issue of activating number share on my account so that I can use the cellular capabilities on a Samsung Galaxy watch. I bought the watch this morning outright from JB hi-fi for $649. Yesterday afternoon I checked if my plan would be eligible for number share by using the website and entering my details, the website told me that I am eligible for number share. (I have a screenshot for proof). Today after I bought the watch I spoke to Optus customer support and they told me that they could not active the Esim in my watch as I am not eligible. I then spoke to another person from cutsomer care who then told me I WAS eligible, but then a few minutes later told me I wasn't. I then checked online again using the website and it tells me I am eligible. My head is hurting and I am 650 dollars down on a watch that I can only use for bluetooBl connectivity which is pointless to me. Can anyone please give me some solid and definitive information on whether I can or can't activate a sim in the watch to use with my phone. Thanks in advacad guys and girls.

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New Contributor r4kuen
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Re: Activating number share on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, for use on a Samsung galaxy watch 4G

I've gone through the same thing as you. I chatted with a at least 3 reps that confirmed that my Huawei should be compatible with Galaxy Watch for Number Share as long as I have the Wearable App. But it just wouldn't do it. Finally called the technical support who initially thought its compatible, but after getting another rep she said that its not compatible for Non Galaxy phones. If you read the Number Share activation guide, it also said only Samsung phones. This is also the case with Telstra. So unfortunately, your LTE (likewise mine) will not work with this phone. 

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