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Save battery life on your Android device

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Save battery life on your Android device

As smartphones get even smarter and apps and screen size continue to grow, you might notice your device suffering from battery drain. Thankfully there are a few handy tips to help manage your battery so it can last longer.


  • Battery Saver Mode. All Androids running Lollipop have a basic battery saving option and depending on your device there may be advanced options. For example some Samsung devices have Ultra Power Saving Mode and HTC has Extreme Power Saving Mode. Take a look through your battery saving options to tweak how your phone functions.


  • Turn off features you don’t use. Your Android phone comes with heaps of features that you probably haven’t even noticed or use such as Air Gestures and Smart Scrolling. It’s a good idea to go through your Settings and switch features you don’t use off to help squeeze out some extra power.


  • Lower your brightness and adjust sleep time. Head into your Display Settings to adjust your screen brightness, you’ll likely find the default brightness is way too high anyway. Also switch off Auto Brightness and adjust your screens sleep time, this is the amount of time your screen will stay on while your device is inactive.


  • Use dark themes and black wallpaper. Join the dark side, if your device uses an AMOLED screen the darker your background the more power you’ll save as black pixels go unlit.


  • Update your apps. Developers often release new updates for their apps, along with adding new features they’re also often optimised for battery and performance. To add to this, when was the last time you went through your apps? If there are any you haven’t used for a while then delete them, don’t be an app hoarder.


  • Close all apps in the Task Manager after you have finished using them. This will stop your apps running in the background, therefore, running your battery down.


  • Turn off Wi-Fi scanning. Go to 'Settings' & tap on 'Wi-Fi'. For Samsung devices, tap on 'MORE' and from the drop down menu select 'Always allow scanning' and select 'Scan only while Wi-Fi is on'. For Nexus devices, tap on the vertical three-dots on the top right of the screen and from the drop down menu select 'Advanced' and disable 'Scanning always available'.
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