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If you have a fairly recent Samsung handset (from about the S4 onwards) chances are your handset has both the “Download Booster” and “Smart Network Switch” functionality. Both of these features have the ability to increase your data usage without you realising so it’s important to understand how they work and how to switch them on and off as needed.

Download Booster is a feature that will allow your phone to utilise both your Wi-Fi connection and mobile data connection to increase the download speed of larger files (30MB or above according to Samsung). You can achieve higher speeds by using this feature but if you’re not careful, you can increase the size of your bill too.

To switch it off simply go to settings > More Networks > Download Booster > and toggle it on or off. Some handsets will have the feature listed in the quick settings by default as well.

Smart network switch is another innovative Samsung feature that whilst providing a better user experience has the ability to increase your mobile data unexpectedly. Smart Network Switch allows yours handset to automatically switch between Wi-Fi and mobile networks to maintain a stable/optimal internet connection. This is great if it’s really important for you to maintain an internet connection (maybe you’re making an important phone call over the internet?) but remember if it switches to cellular data it’ll count towards your usage allowance.

To toggle it on or off go to settings > Wi-Fi > and tick or uncheck the “Smart Network Switch” box.


Download only the apps you need (extra tip by community member Darrell)

Bare in mind, the more apps you have on your mobile device will also contribute to the amount of data usage needed for updates etc. The best practice method of keeping things in "spec" would be to only download or install what you need, it will also assist in maintaing a smooth and friendly to use device that is bug free, responsive and ready to go when you are.


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