Android Operating System Updates

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It’s always pretty exciting when a new update has been announced for your phone, so to save you time frantically hitting the Check Now button on your Updates page, we’ve got the below info to help keep you up to date!


Whenever there’s a new Android update available, the manufacturer will customise the software, based on device and individual network specific to mobile carriers in each country. Once this has been built, it’s sent through to each carrier where it undergoes a range of tests to confirm it’s compatible with their network & services. Optus always work really closely with the manufacturer during testing to ensure compatibility and that it’s good to go; once we can confirm this, we approve the update. We’ll always work to have the update approved as quickly as possible as we want to get these out to our customers without any delays.


Each manufacturer has a process for releasing updates to devices & once we approve the update, it’s sent back to the manufacturer to be released through their standard update processes. Generally, updates are rolled out progressively, where it’s made available for a small number of users (5% for example) initially. If no unforeseen problems pop up, it’ll be gradually made available to more & more users over a couple of week period.


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