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Android Marshmallow Operating System

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Android Marshmallow Operating System

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What is Android Marshmallow?


Android "Marshmallow" is the latest Android Operating System released by Google; the first phone Optus will have available that includes Marshmallow is the Nexus 6P.


The latest OS comes with a slew of nifty features and enhancements such as;


  • Google Now On Tap analyses content and provides shortcuts to your apps based on what you’re doing. ie - Long press the home button to view more information about text on screen e.g. bring up a Wikipedia page about a singer's name that is on screen
  • Native fingerprint support
  • New phone backup system (comparable to Apple's iCloud backups)
  • Doze - A new power saving mode that reduces battery drain whilst the device is idle.
  • More control over app requests - e.g. microphone access, camera access, contact access etc.
  • Micro SD cards as internal storage - Allows you to install apps to your Micro SD card, freeing up space on your phone
  • And much more under-the-hood improvements!


Awesome! When will my device receive the update?


Manufacturers tend to release updates for newer devices first then slowly work their way back. Plus updates have to go through carrier approval, for more info on the process take a look at our Wiki:

Android Operating System Updates


Changes from previous versions of Android


  • View files on your computer and/or connecting the USB in general
  • In previous versions of Android you could simply connect your phone via USB cable to your computer and view your files (on a PC directly in File Explorer or with a Mac using the Android File Transfer app). With Marshmallow, an additional step is now required.
  • When connecting your phone by USB cable to any device you will now have to open your notifications (with your phone unlocked, drag down from from the top of the screen). In the USB options there will be Charging Only (default), Transfer files (MTP), Transfer photos (PTP) and MIDI. MTP should be enabled to view all files or PTP to view photos only.


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