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Optus Streaming the Olympics - Just a suggestion

Just noticed Optus will have the exclusive 4K rights to the 2020 Olympics (Congrats Optus Team)

I just wanted to raise a note that this is already seems to be causing a lot of ill will. The reason being that it will be exclusive only to Optus 5G customers. Numbers should grow over the next six months but its still going to be a tiny proportion of the population

From what I'm reading the ill will stems from the belief that Optus has arbitrarily decided to lock up the (4K) Olympics and use it solely as a marketing tool for its 5G platform. This isn't unreasonable given Optus did the same with the soccer a few years ago. 

As I understand it though, the 5G restriction is largely a technical one with new streaming technologies built into 5G being what enables the 4K ability. Frankly people don't believe this. They see their 100Mbps NBN connection and download 4K YouTube Videos and feel any suggestion that Optus can't provide 4K over the NBN is a lie. 

But logically if Optus could supply 4K over the NBN to masses reliably then they'd be damn sure offering it to all current and new NBN signups if they could. That would be much more profitable than any small number of new customers going 5G (5G if it works practically sells itself anyway)

So my suggestion is as Optus move to market the olympics next year they should somehow make it very clear how they wish they could use the NBN to provide 4K to everyone but that the number of watchers would crash the NBN. Not sure how they'd do that but that's what marketting boffins are for. If they don't do this then I suspect Optus 5G will just be resented.


Peter Gillespie

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Re: Optus Streaming the Olympics - Just a suggestion

Nbn cvc costs money.
Extra cvc needed if people start to stream more 4k.
Extra cvc = higher cost to deliver = eating into minimal profit.

That's the only reason.

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