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Optus 5G Home Broadband | Availability & Network information

How can I find out if Optus 5G is available in my area?


To check if 5G Home Broadband is available at your address, simply type in your address and we’ll check  if it’s 5G serviceable.

5G Rollout is very localised and only limited areas of selected suburbs receive coverage. Local conditions, including number of users, building materials and terrain may impact your ability to connect to the Optus 5G network and the speed you experience.


Do I need to be in a 4G coverage zone before I can connect to 5G?


Yes, the Optus 5G Network builds on our existing 4G/LTE network. Using carrier aggregations, we combine multiple wireless singles into one.


How can I find my closest 5G tower?


You can find the position of your closest 5G tower and expected signal strength via the My Optus @home App.  Don’t have the My Optus @home app? Download it from the App store now.


How can I be notified when 5G Home Broadband becomes available?


If you’ve run your address through our service checker and 5G Home Broadband isn’t available at your address, you’ll be prompted to register your expression of interest. We’re planning to deliver 1000+ 5G sites by March 2020, keep an eye our 5G page for updates.


Which Network frequencies are used by our 5G Network?


Initial 5G services are based on 3.5GHz spectrum with a channel bandwidth of 60MHz


What speeds are available on the Optus 5G network?


Speeds vary on the 5G network. The actual speed of your Optus 5G Home Broadband will depend on several factors including (but not limited to) congestion, location of the modem in your house, and proximity to an Optus 5G tower.


Are 5G speeds capped?


No, our 5G Home broadband service is un-capped and backed by our 50Mbps satisfaction guarantee


Who’s eligible for the 50Mbps satisfaction guarantee?


If at any time during the term of your 5G Home Broadband plan you’re not satisfied that you are getting download speeds of at least 50Mbps, or you cannot receive a 5G signal, simply report the issue that you are having to us and we will investigate the issue.

If further testing reveals that the service is unable to receive speeds of at least 50 Mbps, or you cannot receive a 5G signal, you’ll be given the option to cancel your contract without cancellation fees under this Guarantee. You must return the Optus-supplied 5G device to us in good working order within 30 days of cancellation or you must pay a non-return fee of $330.

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New Contributor d3vour3rr
New Contributor

Re: Optus 5G Home Broadband | Availability & Network information


I have full bar coverage 5g at my home on my Samsung galaxy Note 10+ 5G, but when i check if 5g home broadband is available at my address it say it isn't. I have a tower at the end of my street which was 5g enabled late last year (Tower 4159001). Is 5g home broadband different to 5g mobile? i am getting stuffed around with NBN and am currently using the optus 4g home broadband, and i am very interested in getting onto 5g home broadband. 


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Optus 5G Home Broadband | Availability & Network information

Coverage can differ between the two products.

In saying that, your best bet is our Sales team. They'll run your address through our internal service qualification tool. That's updated on a daily basis. 

Contact the team on → 1800 780 219 or Message us here

They'll be able to confirm if we can service your address with 5G Home Broadband. 

Let us know how it all goes 🙂 

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