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Netflix Throttled

I have recently moved to the 5G unlimited Home plan from NBN with another Telco.

It was immediately obvious that Netflix is throttled on Optus 5G. I have reviewed previous answers here and some people noted that this could be adjusted in Optus account settings however there is no such option in my account.

Can anyone confirm how this can be rectified? My streaming speed on Netflix is 0.58Mbps but all other streaming services appear to be operating correctly and streaming 4K or UHD with no issues.

I’m syncing at the max speed of 100Mbps so I have plenty of speed available, it is just Netflix.
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Re: Netflix Throttled

Hi @Phealey, thanks for reaching out to us here.  Sorry to hear you're having some troubles with streaming Netflix on your 5G home broadband service.  Just to confirm, we don't have throttle streaming in Netflix as personally I use the 5G home broadband to watch 4K Netflix without any issues.

Just to confirm, have you tried using Netflix on another device connected to your 5G home broadband service to see if the same problem occurs?  If possible, please also try connecting a laptop via ethernet cable to the modem and trying to watch Netflix on that to see if there's any improvement.

May I suggest trying the troubleshooting steps on 5G Home Internet troubleshooting: Poor or no signal to see if they improve your upload speeds?

I'd also recommend following the steps on setting up the Optus 5G Wireless Modem just to be sure your modem is placed in the ideal location/position.

Give the above a shot and let us know how you go.

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