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New Contributor Gypsycurse
New Contributor

5G Nokia Modem - Restricted control

The currently available login for the Nokia 5G modem is too restrictive. I am aware that Bridge Mode is not currently available but I can't even change things like assigning a manual IP for my devices on the internal network. I appreciate that this would be limited during the limited rollout, but can we have an ETA or roadmap to add this functionality. 

Prior to acquiring this modem, I have invested in an ASUS wifi6 mesh network and don't want to relinquish this for Nokia's meager offering.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: 5G Nokia Modem - Restricted control

Completely get the concern  @Gypsycurse.

There are a number of features in the GUI that are currently locked down. I have received word from our product team that they're assessing the possibility of enabling certain features i.e. Customer DNS settings. 

As new features are enabled, I'll continue to send through updates. 

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